1.    Organization

    Sweden Alumni Network in China consists of SANC committee and its members. The committee board has the right of decision but is subject to the annual meeting
    The annual meeting needs to me held before the last day of December. The year of activity runs from the 1st of January until the 31st of December every year. The committee meets as often as needed to hold meetings (preferable every two or three months). All members are welcomed to all SANC’s meetings (except the ones that on beforehand decided to be held behind closed doors) and attending members are given the right to presence and speech (but not the right to vote). When voting, decisions are made by single majority. If equal number of votes for both parties, the chairman of the board’s has the casting vote.


2.    The SANC Committee

    The committee board needs to consist of at least 6 members; the committe member is volunteer and elected by the annual meeting. 

The SANC Committee Annual Meeting:

     The committee annual meeting is the highest decision-making body of SANC. The committee board is elected during the annual meeting. Every committee member has 1 (one) vote at the annual meeting. (Every member has 1 (one) vote if an extra annual meeting is held.) The committee board may call an extra annual meeting if needed, simple majority is sufficient.


     For the annual meeting (or an extra annual meeting) to be opened, 75% of the committee board must attend (in person, on Skype or by telephone). All members are welcome to join the annual meeting (or an extra annual meeting) but there is no require of presence for non-committee members, if any SANCer wants to join the SANC committee, She/he must attend the annual meeting. 

Members of the committee can be re-elected the next annual meeting. The committee board consists of 2 (two) fixed positions: 

1)    The honored chairman of the board (hereafter called the chairman) hold by senior who are promoting relationship between Sweden and China.   

2)    The secretary of the board (hereafter called the secretary), chosen by the annual meeting, who is doing daily work for SANC.

3.    Executive Secretariat 

   Other committee members consist of group ambassadors

4.    Finances

    The SANC committee board is responsible for the organization’s finances. SANC is a NGO without continuous income and/or expenses yet. The organization has a small amount of cash used to keep the organization running (used to be able to keep the organization running e.g. purchase of a website, purchase of business cards, educational purposes and so on).    

5.    How to change the statues

    The statues can only be changed at the annual meeting or at an extra annual meeting.  

6.    Dissolution of the organization

    The organization can only be dissolved if at least 90% of the members vote for dissolution at the committee annual meeting or at an extra annual meeting. If the organization dissolves, the remaining finances should be fundraised by the Embassy of Sweden in China, it will be used for those who promote relationship between Sweden and China(especially in Education field).