All of those who studied, visited as researcher, worked in Sweden, now in China are welcome to become a member of SANC. To be a member one should apply and register through our website, SANC will verify it. All members information will be confidential.

There are more than 1000 members from dozens of Swedish Universities, and 7 branches SANC.Beijing, SANC.Shanghai, SANC.Guangzhou, SANC.Shenzhen, SANC.Nanjing, SANC.Chengdu,SANC.Zhejiang, You are welcome to join local event.

Now, hundreds of people who are interested in Sweden or engaged to study in Sweden also joined us, we call them Friends of Sweden.

SANC reserves the right to keep and store those information, in order to send information such as newsletters, invitations to seminars, events and parties organized by SANC. The membership of SANC is free, however particular events created by or created together with SANC, such as seminars, parties, dinner events, after works and more, may be charged.