Qian LIU

When, where & what you studied in Sweden? Indicate which University you studied at as well as SI Scholarship program if applicable.

I studied for my Ph.D. in Economics from 2003-2009 at the University of Uppsala

Current occupation & Work 

Deputy Director, China Forecasting Service, at Economist Intelligence Unit, part of The Economist Group. I manage a global team of analysts to conduct research and analysis on China’s macro economy and regional growth. 

Strongest memory from Sweden

  • Beautiful summer sunshine, and thick snow nights.

  • "Tough" and independent Swedish women versus the Swedish family guys.

  • Which do Swedish people love more--coffee or alcohol?

Your best recommendation to new students in Sweden?

  • Fika with everyone--it's the best time to talk about anything and everything.

  • In many countries, it's extremely impolite to address your professor just by their first name--But in Sweden--get used to it!

  • Try the strawberry cakes, pepparkakor, and the amazingly goda Semla. And Ramlosa/Loka!